"I had been receiving physiotherapy for pain and impaired mobility and asked Jenna for an assessment. She has already achieved a lovely balance in practice between being professional, personable, and warm. She is an excellent listener and communicator and while obviously extremely knowledgeable in her field, is collaborative and willing to consult if uncertain. She demonstrates endless patience with questions, takes time to explain and writes detailed notes that her patients can refer to. I have already experienced a significant decrease in pain and improvement in mobility following her treatment and recommendations. Jenna brings a diverse set of skills, life experiences and integrity to her practice and would be an asset to any organization. I would be confident recommending Jenna as an athletic therapist to anyone." -Beth

"I had the pleasure of working with Jenna at North Peak Athletic Therapy, and I must say she is an exceptional therapist. From the moment I walked into the clinic, Jenna exuded professionalism and expertise. Her thorough assessment of my injury showcased her knowledge and dedication to providing quality care.

Jenna's ability to identify and address the root cause of my pain was truly impressive. Not only did she provide immediate relief, but she also equipped me with a personalized plan of exercises that I could continue on my own. Her attention to detail and commitment to my well-being were evident throughout our session.

Jenna took the time to explain the underlying issue I had, which I was completely unaware of. Her clear communication and guidance made me feel confident in my ability to manage my injury going forward. Within a day of seeing Jenna and diligently following the exercises she prescribed, I experienced significant pain reduction. I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome of our session.

Jenna's expertise and genuine care have made a lasting impact on my overall well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Jenna to anyone in need of exceptional athletic therapy. Her professionalism, knowledge, and personalized approach set her apart from others in her field. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and will undoubtedly seek her expertise in the future."


"I made an appointment to see Jenna to help with my SI joint and shoulder blade pain. During my first appointment Jenna worked on those two areas and send me home with exercises. A week later I had a follow-up. I am super thrilled with those two appointments, what a change it has made for my discomfort! She's knowledgeable, friendly, and great at what she does. I was so pleased that I have signed up for personal training sessions with her as well. Many thanks Jenna!" - MM

"I had never had an injury like the one I was experiencing. When I came in to see Jenna I could barely walk up hills or make sudden leg movements and I was convinced it would be weeks to heal at the rate things were going on their own. Jenna was determined to find out what the problem was and how to fix it. After some investigative movements she had a good idea what was wrong and with some simple mobilizations, had me skipping out of there! Thanks a ton Jenna!" - TJ 

"Jenna is an incredibly knowledgeable athletic therapist. She is detailed, thorough, and clearly passionate about what she does. Jenna is exceptionally client-focused. She always puts the client first, making sure her instructions for exercises are detailed and setting you up for a successful road to recovery. I can't say enough great things about Jenna - thanks for everything!" - Gillian

"I visited Jenna to help with an injury after I tore a ligament and was not seeing any progress in healing. She helped me to understand the injury better and gave me clear and helpful exercises to work on at home. Since seeing Jenna I no longer have any pain in my ankle and I have regained full range of motion! I would highly recommend a visit to Jenna if you have any injury that needs rehabilitation." - Chantelle

"I have had back issues for a few years now and I have tried many things to get it back to normal, nothing was seeming to work. When I started going to Jenna I felt better even after our first session. Jenna is so attentive to you and your body and really cares about giving you the help to improve, whatever your injury is. One thing that really stuck with me is how Jenna always made me feel so comfortable during the entire session! I would recommend Jenna to anyone!" -Emma

"I came to Jenna with a year old injury, a previously dislocated shoulder that never quite healed. After going to my first session with Jenna my shoulder already felt much better and after going to three sessions it felt like it had never been injured. I have gone to two other physiotherapists and both have never really been able to help my shoulder like Jenna did. She is personable, relatable and overall a great person to be around. I highly recommend her for athletes of all ages and skill levels." -Mary

"Working with Jenna has been great! I started in person training with her about two years ago and switched to on-line with the start of COVID. I have scoliosis and in the past when I've started training programs, they trigger injuries or flare-ups and I end up getting discouraged and quit. Jenna used the Live Movement Assessment and planned a program that's actually worked! She focused on what I wanted to achieve (keep active hiking, cross country skiing and cycling) and chose exercises that help me build strength and improve mobility. She is continually making adjustments to increase the level of challenge and provide variety. She demonstrates new exercises clearly and observes and gives feedback on correct form and alignment. She's incredibly knowledgeable and is able to explain why and how various exercises work. If something is causing pain or discomfort, she's a great problem-solver and comes up with options to resolve it. Her cheerfulness and positivity is highly motivating. I'm fitter and stronger than I was ten years ago - what a way to age backwards!" - Tara 

"Jenna Rauch is an incredibly knowledgeable athletic therapist. I have been to numerous professionals from chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, to doctors over a 6 year span. No one has made such a noticeable impact on my recovery as much as Jenna. Her hard work, passion, knowledge, professionalism, and true dedication are incomparable. I've been struggling with tendonitis for years, I was in unbearable pain from work and simple activities, and unable to enjoy any of my hobbies until I was referred to Jenna. With hands on work (cupping, massage, mobilizations,) and stretch/exercise routines, I am finally recovering and able to reintroduce activities. Jenna doesn't look for the quick fix. She looks beyond the diagnosis to fine point the triggers, small stressors, and root causes. I highly recommend Jenna to anyone struggling with chronic pain, injuries, or any physical discomfort. She is dedicated to supporting your long term recovery and health, maybe even more than you some days." - Selena 

"I've seen Jenna on multiple occasions for a variety of injuries! She fixed all my aches and pains and makes sure I understand my exercises. She is super friendly and easy to talk to." - Julius

"I would just like to share my experience with Ms. Jenna Rauch. I'm a 45 year old very active woman. In April I hurt myself exercising. Turned into a bruised heel. Painful. Then my hands started to go numb. I was in pain for months. FINALLY I made an appointment with Jenna. She fit me in the very next day. Spent over an hour thoroughly working on my little bod. She gave me some simple exercises, checked in on me, and now I have zero pain! I highly recommend visiting Jenna - she's a lovely little gem."  - Marty

"Jenna led a very informative and interactive Injury Prevention Seminar for Dancers at Creative Roots. She was extremely organized when setting up the Seminar. Before she presented, she asked if there were any individual injuries that she could address and catered her presentation to include exercises that targeted these specific injuries. The Seminar included relevant information and exercises specifically for the dancers. It was wonderful to have such an interactive presentation as well. The dancers enjoyed learning about the techniques and then actually applying them in the Seminar so they knew how to do the exercises at home. Jenna was very punctual, professional, and fun. She followed up after the Seminar to see if any dancer required further assistance or clarification. We look forward to having her back again!" 


"Jenna is an exceptional athletic therapist. She was able to relieve my neck and back pain within two sessions after suffering from a car accident five years ago. I have been to many massage therapists and physiotherapists however, nothing has helped me more than working with Jenna to relieve my pain. She has a very hands on approach to healing, whether it be cupping treatments, massage, or realignments, I can always count on Jenna to make me feel better. 

Thank you Jenna for the work that you do!" - Alison

"Two years ago, I broke my ankle (in two places) and my shin. I was very worried about regaining my mobility to continue pursuing the activities I love (skiing, biking, hiking). When we met, Jenna listened carefully to my goals and concerns. She built a program that helped me regain my strength, flexibility and balance. She clearly explained the target area of each exercise, how to complete the exercise for maximum benefit, and next steps when I wanted to challenge myself. I recovered quickly due to her program and attention. To ensure that I continue to be strong, flexible and fit as I grow older, I have continued to work with Jenna. She has embraced my goals (skiing when I am 85!) with enthusiasm. She is knowledgeable, energetic and responsive - developing programs that address my emerging concerns. Our work has been done via Zoom, and having participated in various Zoom situations, I really appreciate her communication skills and competent handling of technology. I have never felt like I have had a "lesser" experience. Jenna is a great personal coach." - Sarah

"I had a fitness test and passed with a new personal record of 35 seconds faster! Thanks so much for creating such a great program for me, I truly think it's the only thing that helped me get back to work this year." SM