Services & Pricing

Initial Assessments (1 hr) - $100.00 + GST

The initial appointment consists of a thorough assessment to get to the root of your injury, pain, or discomfort. Based on the results of the assessment, there are a variety of treatments that may be used including soft tissue release (through massage or instrument assisted,) cupping, mobilizations, and electric muscle stimulation. Finally, your athletic therapist will give you a comprehensive rehab plan that is tailored specifically to you and your injury. 

Follow Up Appointments (45 minutes) - $80.00 + GST

The follow up appointments consist of assessment as well, to see how you are progressing. Follow ups usually involve more treatment time, and finally a portion of the session is designated to reviewing and progressing rehab exercises. 

Movement assessment and individualized training program (1 hr) - $100.00 + GST

For athletes and non-athletes who may not have an injury, but want to move better or pain free (in their sport or daily life,) these sessions are for you! From the movement assessment, your athletic therapist will determine what can be improved upon in areas such as strength, flexibility, mobility, and general biomechanics. Then, with input from you about your goals, create a personalized program to help you reach them!

Please note that missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged a $50.00 missed appointment fee. 

Sports Event  Coverage

When we are not in the clinic, athletic therapists are on the sidelines of sporting events, providing taping, on-field emergency care, and injury management. Athletic therapists are certified first responders and have vast experience and knowledge of on-field care.

Contact Jenna for more info on sports event coverage.